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last week my coworker asked me if i would take in her dog.  over… - the girl with the broken smile

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April 8th, 2009

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12:51 am
last week my coworker asked me if i would take in her dog.  over a year ago she had to give her dog away when she moved back home to take care of her mom with cancer.  she gave her dog to her friend...that friend currently has 3 dogs and was laid off earlier in the year and can't afford to take care of all 3 dogs...
so this poor dog has been shuffled about and my friend is looking for a solid, loving home for her.  i am seriously considering adopting her...i just have to mull it over.
i wonder if it will be good for rocky to have a friend and then maybe he won't have to be locked in the crate while we are at work...or he could be a complete asshole like he was to sammy.
i just worry that we will have a zoo in our 700sq ft. condo with mike, me, rocky, reese, and then in the future an infant...
BUT this dog appears to be a mellow, sweet, big lump of love and i want it to have a permanent home....and it's a shih tsu like mike has wanted ever since he fell in love with prince billy idol at his work.

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