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June 29th, 2008

10:25 pm - bridal shower and weekend activities
i have a big post to write about yesterday but it will have to wait till tomorrow...but i can say it was a wonderful day...

today, however, i am exhausted!

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June 26th, 2008

03:52 pm
grrrr argh!

i just received a lovely email from my wedding coordinator that the woman in charge of my reception has left...which would not be a big deal, but this is the 2nd girl i have gone though since january.  not a good sign.
also the main chef has left as well as the baker.

so now we have to think if we will still hold the reception here or if we can find a place on short notice.  not fun!!

i also went to my 2nd dress fitting yesterday.  i've already paid 280 in alterations (guess i've lost weight and i also had some modifications for the dress) and they wanted another 80 from me for adding a bustle for the slight train...i'm not sure i want to shell out more cash.
oh! and after the alterations i can't wear the bra i purchased because the dress is now skin tight...so i definitely cannot gain any weight or retain any water.  good luck to me!!  :-/

my advice to everyone is enjoy a courthouse wedding!
Current Mood: irritatedirritated

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June 23rd, 2008

05:50 pm
Please copy the queries/statements below, erase the existing answers and put your own in their places, and then post the result in your journal. Please elaborate on the questions which would benefit from elaboration. One-word-answers seldom help anyone out.

Name: justina

Age: 28

Location: sherman oaks and currently house hunting in the san fernando valley for a permanent place to call home.

Occupation: teacher...and after 2 years in a pre-school collaborative class i will be returning to kindergarten this september (despite wanting 1st grade).

Partner: mike.  he truly is my heart and i couldn't have asked for a better guy to spend my forever with.  he is a writer for children's television with the henson company.

Current Mood: giddygiddy

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June 7th, 2008

09:01 am - i'm nj bound in july!
i dropped mike and rocky off at lax at 7am...my baby is going to spend the summer at his mom-mom's house while mike and i house hunt.  our neighbor bugged the landlord everyday literally 5 times a day about getting a pitbull.  so we received a letter saying that we had 3 days to find a new home for our dog because he was seen as a liability.  they also increased the deposit for cats by $300.  i told mike, that tommy (our neighbor) better not run into me cos i'm going to beat the shit out of him....and you may think i'm kidding but i'm not.  i have to go months without my dog because he's a twat and doesn't understand the meaning of no and cried when the landlord said no to a pitbull.
good part is, is that tommy knows i'm pissed at him because he always plays his loud music while he mixes it and i've put up with it until all hours of the night.  but the day we received the letter about the dog and i heard his music thumping i yelled through the window that if i hear the music a minute past 10pm i'm calling the cops on him and while they go there for a noise complaint they'll find your drugs!  at 10:01pm that night the music stopped.

so there it is.  my baby doggy will be in nj chasing bunnies and running in fields (hopefully not getting ticks) while i stay here and cry till i find a house with a backyard for him to live in.

it's only been a couple of hours and i miss him so much!!  

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April 5th, 2008

10:36 pm
it's 10:30 at night on a saturday...and i am tired!!

i cannot wait till the end of this month when i can just relax on the weekend and not have a ton of shit to do...i want to sleep in and not get out of my pjs for just one day!

the fact that i have to get up and go to class tomorrow is not thrilling me...and i would ideally like to miss tomorrows class but i have to miss next weeks class because of natasha's wedding...
speaking of class anyone interested in seeing the little mermaid at the el capitan?

i know i am wasting time here writing but venting feels good. hahaha
sweet dreams to me!
Current Mood: tiredtired

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March 30th, 2008

02:59 pm - LIFE...
i can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. financial freedom is finally within reach...

i dedicated 2 hours last week to working out a plan...according to my plan i will be out of debt* by august.

my first step to the plan was to clear out my storage unit which was costing me over $100 a month. so yesterday i held a yard sale and made a couple dollars shy of $600 ($$$!) rock on! that cash will be out the door tomorrow and on it's way to a card...i am hoping that with that extra bump that i can be out of debt sooner.

(*not including car or student loans)

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January 28th, 2008

08:11 pm - i need some good mojo
squeee squeee squeeee!!!

i just got off the phone with our agent and....i am THIS close to owning the home!

our possible new home...notice the orange tree in front?

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December 21st, 2007

10:25 pm - my big friday night
so it's the friday night before christmas and most are out enjoying holiday parties...not i! here are my plans for the evening (straight from my to do list):

1. clean tub (buy more bleach)
2. vacuum living room, hallway, and bedroom
3. clean out fridge (toss steve and suzie's food)
4. pick up bedroom
--make bed
--put clothes away
--hang up jackets
5. clean up desk area--CLEAN OUT TUBS!!
6. take out trash (empty bedroom and bathroom trash too!)
7. clean steve's shower
8. steam carpet in bedroom
9. pull out important items to pack
10. buy mom a gift certificate
11. get suitcases from mom's

oh yeah, that's how i do it!!

haha so much busy work to be done before we leave town, because i do not want to come home to a dirty, smelly place.
Current Mood: busybusy

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November 23rd, 2007

06:34 pm
so my morning black friday shopping proved to be successful...which was quite a surprise since the stores were really packed. a small mele broke out at the best buy here in sherman oaks and then sent all of those pissed off people racing to the staples mike and i were at. we were in beginning of the line (about 10 in) so they didn't impact us. if at all it helped us because we ended up going over to best buy after our staples shopping and cleaned house there. bummer that staples only had 2 of the laptops that i wanted so i didn't get that, but....
here is what i ended up picking up today at staples:
color laser printer: 99.99 (79.99 after my teacher rewards coupon)
2gb memory stick for my camera: 14.98
4gb flash drive: 17.98
set of 4 digital phones/answering machine: 49.99 (for mike's mom who needs em)
photo printer paper: free!
scented stickers: .99

great deals! so off to best buy we went to purchase:
knocked up special edition: $6
300 special edition: 6
sex and the city ultimate dvd collection: 89.99 (after years of wanting it i finally own it!)
extras season 1: 13.00
extras season 2: 13.00
deadwood season 3: 40.00
rome season 2: 40.00
star lounge: 14.99 (regular priced...i just wanted it)
and some dvds for friends/family

now we are off to costco to do some late night shopping before they close and then perhaps to target for some gifts for my nieces and my mom.
at this rate i will be done tonight! rock on!
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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October 19th, 2007

08:54 pm - now what?
lately food and i have not been friends. i am having a hard time eating a lot of things that i once enjoyed...this removes a lot of pleasure from my life.
it's not just that things taste gross to me but it's that i am having physical reactions to a lot of food...i find myself having spasms in my stomach and wanting to vomit.
i'm thinking i need to remove a lot of meat from my diet as that is what is a big trigger...as well as some vegetables
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lately food and i have not been friends. i am having a hard time eating a lot of things that i once enjoyed...this removes a lot of pleasure from my life.
it's not just that things taste gross to me but it's that i am having physical reactions to a lot of food...i find myself having spasms in my stomach and wanting to vomit.
i'm thinking i need to remove a lot of meat from my diet as that is what is a big trigger...as well as some vegetables <gasp!> i was always the girl who had never met a vegetable i didn't like.....
i don't know what is causing this to happen but it is frustrating, especially since i have no clue what will cause this reaction and what won't. i have already recently discovered that i am allergic to aspartame and if i find out i'm becoming allergic to more things i'm going to be upset.

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