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do not EVER fly us airways - the girl with the broken smile

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December 22nd, 2008

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09:06 am - do not EVER fly us airways
 right now i should be spending time with rocky and mike's family...but it turns out that us airways wasn't fond of that plan...
after a shit ton of searching and even going to other airlines we were unable to get on another plane until the 24th.  damn the holiday travelers and the airlines with their lack f customer service...also, screw the weather for making us miss the departure of our connecting flight by 10 minutes.
i'm mad and extremely disappointed...
i have had my heart set on today for the past several months, just waiting to get to see my dog.

(i'm also pissed cos this is just our luck.  we have taken 3 people to the airport in the past week and not one of them had any issues....but of course we have to experience isues).

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Date:December 22nd, 2008 11:23 pm (UTC)
ah, i'm sorry. i'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to be on that plane to see mike's family and rocky and i'll keep dreaming that i will get from abq to lax without troubles. (i fly tomorrow.) that missing the connection thing due to weather elsewhere happened to me a few years back. i ended up getting bumped over from united to southwest.
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Date:December 23rd, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)
we tried every airline possible and all the planes were full. we even tried to fly separately and couldn't do that. it was a total hellish morning. we have a direct flight on christmas eve and i am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes ok with that one.

after several hours of trying to get on a new flight we were told by the us airways representative that we could go to ontario and fly from there since it was only 55 miles away....but the plane left in one hour...how the hell could we make that?? or we could drive to philly...i then had to explain to the representative who was located in manilla that getting 55 miles away in la in under an hour was not possible and that philadelphia was located on the opposite side of the country and that driving was not an option...they didn't quite seem to understand that.

all i know is that after the way we were treated and how poorly they organize their planes, that i will NEVER fly us airways again...not to mention the fact that we have to purchase drinks on board and pay 15-25 for every checked bag. pain in my ass

but on the bright side, i am sure that you will be fine to get to la. the weather tomorrow is supposed to be fine (it's not supposed to rain till weds, when we attempt to go again! yay!)
good luck!!

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