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April 8th, 2009

12:51 am
last week my coworker asked me if i would take in her dog.  over a year ago she had to give her dog away when she moved back home to take care of her mom with cancer.  she gave her dog to her friend...that friend currently has 3 dogs and was laid off earlier in the year and can't afford to take care of all 3 dogs...
so this poor dog has been shuffled about and my friend is looking for a solid, loving home for her.  i am seriously considering adopting her...i just have to mull it over.
i wonder if it will be good for rocky to have a friend and then maybe he won't have to be locked in the crate while we are at work...or he could be a complete asshole like he was to sammy.
i just worry that we will have a zoo in our 700sq ft. condo with mike, me, rocky, reese, and then in the future an infant...
BUT this dog appears to be a mellow, sweet, big lump of love and i want it to have a permanent home....and it's a shih tsu like mike has wanted ever since he fell in love with prince billy idol at his work.

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December 22nd, 2008

09:06 am - do not EVER fly us airways
 right now i should be spending time with rocky and mike's family...but it turns out that us airways wasn't fond of that plan...
after a shit ton of searching and even going to other airlines we were unable to get on another plane until the 24th.  damn the holiday travelers and the airlines with their lack f customer service...also, screw the weather for making us miss the departure of our connecting flight by 10 minutes.
i'm mad and extremely disappointed...
i have had my heart set on today for the past several months, just waiting to get to see my dog.

(i'm also pissed cos this is just our luck.  we have taken 3 people to the airport in the past week and not one of them had any issues....but of course we have to experience isues).

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December 20th, 2008

09:15 pm - pinkytoast
today i got my hair done and as i was waiting i walked over to the art gallery portion of the salon because the art on the walls caught my eye...man, it is a good thing that they were out of my price range because i was enamored with several of them...
this one in particular was one of my faves there:

i found her etsy store and i'm over here contemplating, do i place an order for a budget friendly print...or do i stick to my budget and just admire from afar...

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November 4th, 2008

10:57 pm - hope
words fail me at the moment.


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September 13th, 2008

08:03 pm - 29
being sick on your birthday and having to cancel all of your birthday plans, is not fun!   :(

(at least it happened on 29 and hopefully not for 30, when i have real plans!!)

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August 18th, 2008

01:16 pm - A Foulke-Fest!!
So I made the decision to change my last name...I went to Social Security and was in and out of there in under 15 minutes with my new name...drove over to the DMV (with no appointment) and I was declared to be a Foulke in under 30 minutes...
These were the 2 locations I was informed would be the biggest pain in the ass...yet somehow everything worked out in quick and painless fashion...

Changing my name on my credit cards has proven to be much tougher...argh! 

Today I also am headed to my bank to change my name.  Fortunately for me, there is a Starbucks in the parking lot...so that will make life a little bit easier!

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August 5th, 2008

12:15 pm
what a day to fly!

mike's friends called me.  their flight has been canceled because one of the plane's engines wouldn't start....they have to hope to get on a plane tomorrow.

so i looked up our flight and now we are significantly delayed because a flight from LAX to Honolulu had an emergency landing because someone smelled smoke in the cabin.


i haven't heard from the two other sets of friends who are flying today so i'm hoping everything is ok with them!

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August 3rd, 2008

03:33 pm
today my family is headed to hawaii....mike's family will be in vegas tonight (i think?) then headed to the island after a couple of days gambling...then the rest of us are taking to the skies throughout the week...

soon we will all be sitting on the beach enjoying the beautiful scenery and celebrating our wedding...

can you believe it's finally here??
it feels like forever in the making yet the past couple of weeks have passed so quickly.

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July 28th, 2008

12:09 am
it literally just dawned on me today how close hawaii is....
still so much to do!

gotta get my stuff in order..

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July 9th, 2008

11:27 pm
i am off to nj in a couple of hours (4am eeeek!)...i didn't get the things done that i needed to today...but i can take care of most of it while there.

i'm just making my list of stuff to get done so i remember:
1.  call canilla....make reservation.  pay.  (ask mike to call?)
2.  make wine tour reservation.  double check everything is ready to go.
3.  send out evite
4.  find where nearest fax is to send in offers (are we??)
5.  go to steve and barrys (ask jared to take me)
6.  pick up prescription at wal-greens (ask jared to take me?)
7.  SLEEP!!  (i am running on a couple hours of sleep and it looks like i will get 2-3 hours tonight! yuck!!)
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